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If you’re an entrepreneur and you want to create a life of freedom, using youtube for marketing is one of the most effective and powerful things you can do to get exposure and leverage your time.

Currently there are more than 4 billion YouTube videos watched per day throughout the whole world and on average, everyone surfing the web watches at least 1 YouTube video each day.

Video is most peoples favorite way of receiving information because we’ve been culturally conditioned since a very early age to receive everything like entertainment, news and what’s happening in the world through the TV.  The only difference with video is there is much more freedom of what we choose to see and be informed about.

Youtube for marketing: Exponential Results

Video is an extremely effective method of getting your message across and reaching thousands of people.  When you make videos, it will let you leverage your time because once your video is up, it will keep getting exposure for you 24/7 permanently.

As a simple mathematical example of how effective video marketing is as a strategy:

If you uploaded 30 videos on YouTube, you could have:

30(videos) x 10 (views each per day) x 30 (days in a month)

which means you and your message would already be exposed to 9000 new people EVERY MONTH from this strategy alone!!!  Very powerful!

Test out some of the ideas below and get your message out!  And don’t be disheartened if you don’t notice much after the first few videos. For some people it can take up to 100 videos before they start seeing results, so stick with it!! Consistency is the secret with videos and you’ll get much faster at making them and have more fun once you have a bit of practice!

Build an online empire

Gary Vaynerchuck  is an excellent example of someone who believed in his dream and became extremely successful by using video.  He built his family’s offline wine business into a 60 million dollar company entirely through social media. He started from scratch with a video blog and initially only had 90 views per video and very few comments. He followed his vision and persevered and now has more than 100,000 views per video, more than 400 comments on each one and a massive online celebrity following. So remember anything is possible! Be inspired and beleive in yourself!!

Before you upload your first video, I recommend you optimize your channel by completing your profile information (what you’d like your viewers to know about you) and include your websites (Twitter, Facebook and Blog links).   If you want to make your channel even more professional you can customize your background too.

I recommend setting up your account as a ‘Director’ or ‘Guru’ status to help you get more views. The ‘Guru’ status is best if you’re going to be offering a lot of ‘How-To’ videos.

How to make videos

To film a video you can use your cell phone, ipad, webcam, your camcorder, a flip cam or any camera that allows you record videos in a format you can upload to the web.

The other option is to make a screen recording or a powerpoint.

It´s important to decide the purpose of each video before you make it. Is it to gain trust, to educate, to become an authority, to entertain, to get people to sign up to your mailing list or to sell a product or service?

Don’t stress when making your first videos.  95% of the videos you make don’t require you to be super professional, a good speaker or excellent in front of the camera because you can use a script, rehearse beforehand and then you can still edit out mistakes. (and even then if it seems less professional this can help you get views because it’s more natural and spontaneous).

Always try to make your videos short!  Unless you are teaching something important, you need to keep your videos between 30 seconds to 2 minutes because people have real short attention spans.

Don’t be hard on yourself either!! The most important thing is to get your videos out there. When you record a video just relax, smile and pretend you’re talking to your best friend.  Once you are consistently creating videos, I guarantee you many nice people will come into your life because of it.

Getting your videos found

Keyword Research: To generate more traffic to your videos it’s good to research and target specific keywords first that have high searches and low competition. A great tool for this is

Googles free keyword tool: com/select/KeywordToolExternal

or Youtube’s keyword research tool:

Once you’ve found your keywords, you would use them in your title, your description, your video file name and your tags. Most people overlook this process and that’s why they get very few views to their videos. Other people also make the mistake of targeting far too generic terms that might get a lot of searches, but are way too competitive in the search engines, so their video gets lost in all the noise. (long tail keywords are a great way to get found).

Add compelling titles to your videos that grab your viewer’s attention. You could ask a question or make a controversial statement that arouses curiosity.  Keep in mind that your title needs to be relevant to your video, because if you waste people’s time with misleading titles you’ll lose credibility.

Video Description: For each video you make, you should have an informative and useful description with the main keyword you are targeting in the text. Writing a longer description instead of just a few words will also help your video get picked up much better by the search engines.

Different video styles

1. Introducing yourself:  You can make a video about your beliefs of how the world should and could be and of who you are.  You can also record videos of you doing interesting things in your daily life or with friends. These types of videos will help people to get to know you, like you and trust you.

2. Educational videos:  teaching useful information – this can be anything that will create value for your viewers from helpful advice, useful concepts, how to do something or specific solutions to a problem they might have.
Educational videos will help create credibility and present you as an authority in your field.

3. Entertaining, lifestyle videos:  film exciting things you do: rollerblading, surfing, skating dancing, wherever you go or exciting things in your city. You can also cut and edit them to music.

4. Product or service reviews: You can create useful review videos on almost anything. You could make a review on one of your products or services explaining the benefits or about systems or leaders online.

5. Sales videos:  Always keep in mind, the more you appear to come across as intentionally trying sell something, the less people will be receptive to your message, so focus on the benefits of your viewer and recommend things like a good friend would.

If you are going to make a sales video the best way is to present your product or service in this sequence:

*Present the problem

*Explain the solution

*then have a call to action specific to your product or service.

Whatever fields you’re in, you need to know the problem or need your customer has and try to think as if you were in their shoes.

If you expect a specific outcome from your video always make your call to action very clear ie. Call this number, visit this website, or comment and rate etc.

6. Screen recordings, tutorial videos.  You can make videos using screen capture software which records all your mouse movements on your computer screen.  Once you have recorded it you can use any video editing software like windows movie maker or jingproject (amongst many others) to edit it.

Another great software to use is animoto because it has many features included and lets you create professional looking videos really quickly.

Whichever style you choose to make your first videos, just remember getting lots of them out there is much more important than trying to make them perfect.  You can learn and improve as you go.

Once you are consistently making videos, there are many strategies you can use to speed up your results.

I hope you’re first videos are lots of fun to make and lets you realize how easy this strategy is.

I wish you an exciting week and great achievement and fulfillment in everything you do.

To your Immense Success,

Eliane xx

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