Some of the kindhearted, exceptional individuals I had the great pleasure to work with

Eliane has the passion, drive and integrity to be anything she sets her mind to. I have know her for several years and know her to be an honorable leader who strives to be the very best in all she puts her mind to. She has an incredible knack for business and is a leader in the online world of internet marketing, is an established professional, and believes in people more than they believe in themselves. She has one of the sharpest minds I have run across in sometime and her knowledge of the internet and internet marketing has outlined her spot on the world wide web through one on one working with people to build teams. I would highly recommend Eliane to anyone who has a need for her skill set. You will not be disappointed, I’m telling you from experience that this individual would enhance any team and set the bar high for success. She has patience to help you learn, will walk you through what you do not understand and will champion you when you are successful. – John Nusz

Eliane is a Marketing and Solution solver expert is who always open and willing to help someone in all aspects of business. She is an optimist and one who never gives up in whatever she’s doing. She has a big heart and is one of the nicest most giving people I’ve ever known. If you’re looking for someone for motivation to succeed in life, I highly recommend her. – Gary Shepard

Dedicated is one word that would fairly describe Eliane. Hard work, and dedication to her task at hand, would also be appropriate to say as well. It was a pleasure to work with Eliane, and would recommend her to anyone who wants a great person, and a good human being. – John Madafferi


I give my highest possible recommendation for Eliane Carbajal. She is the solution you’ve been looking for your online business. – Erik Fogwen

I recommend Mrs. Eliane Carbajal; for her PROFESSIONAL MINISTRATIONS and endorse her INGENUITY and PROFICIENCY. – Henry Mckee

Eliane has an adventurous soul, an entrepreneur with eye on new business enterprise, a heart for humanity, and a passion for philanthropic endeavors. – Ben Miedema

Eliane is a gentle soul with an awesome sense of and about people. She’s great to connect with as she has a considerable degree of relevant business experience as well as great ideas about how to help others to succeed in Internet Endeavors just has she has done. She’s a fabulous mentor and friend. – Jim Talbott

During the short time I have known Eliane, she has distinguished herself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the fields of social entrepreneurship, leadership and management. I have enormous respect for her teaching and leadership skills and I am pleased to work with her. Eliane leads by example. I find her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. In my opinion, Eliane’s unwavering devotion to humanity exemplifies strong moral fiber and character. She is a trustworthy individual and would be an excellent business leader to work with. I strongly and without any reservations recommend her.- Samwel Rao

The best things in life are free, and I truly value her uplifting words that awake my soul and push it to dance, thank you for being my friend:) thank you for making a difference, thank you for teaching and loving!  My heart beats to the drum of your souls footprints!  Namaste. – Leslie Fun

Eliane has a beautiful way with words, she’s a great leader, I love everything she says and everything about her! Very happy to be connected with someone so with what it’s all about! Thank you so much.  – Michael Rodgers