Treasure Your Time…

9 Super Effective and Simple Time Management Strategies to Make the Most of Your Potential

Time management is one of the most crucial skills, especially if you want to be a top performer and experience life like few can.

Most people think the super successful are that way because they have so much talent, skill or knowledge, but these traits are only developed through time.

When you master how you use your time, everything changes and you turn into an exceptional individual that is highly esteemed, makes massive progress on the big things in life and you’ll very likely feel good all the time(from the endorphin rush of consistently completing things that matter to you).

It’s also one of the secrets of the rich.

Most people’s lives are pulled into numbing mediocrity because of the powerful distractions that surround us, so if you haven’t already mastered how you use your time, it’ll be one of the best things you ever do.

Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Here are some of the techniques I find that work super well for me:

  1.  Decide what you really want(it’s easy to lose yourself in the noise of the world)

Once you decide, then every day read your Major Definite Purpose and rewrite your most important goals.

  1.  Make a list of specific actions to achieve your goals and identify your most important tasks.
  1.  When you wake up in the morning, always do the hardest thing first. The task that has the biggest ramifications – the thing you’re most likely to procrastinate on, but also the one that can have the greatest positive impact on your life.

Do easy things first and life is hard, do hard things first and life is easy.

  1. Finish things: get into the habit of completing tasks (lots of people start things, but few finish what they start).  Every day, start on your most important task and stay with it until it’s done.

When you have a list of tasks to do and you choose to do your most important tasks and you complete them, you get an endorphin rush and great feeling of accomplishment. This increases your self confidence, your attitude toward life and positively affects everything else you do.

By doing the hardest things first, you will double your productivity, you’ll get more opportunities, you’ll rise to the top 1%, you’ll feel like a winner and the best part is, it’s very simple to do.

The common man is not concerned about the passage of time, the man of talent is driven by it.- Shoppenhauer

  1. Work in 90 minute chunks. Set a timer for yourself and give your total focus to the task at hand without multi-tasking or allowing distraction. This is one of the best ways to unleash your inner creativity and genius.

People think that productivity and time management all come down to a checklist and they forget there is a broader perspective.

If you want to be a high performer you need to manage your distractions so you aren’t sidelined or taken off track, because it will affect everything in your life!

  1. Stick to a Routine. Most of the incredibly productive people follow strict daily routines. (i.e., when they wake, when they work, when they exercise and relax). It’s an excellent way to use the power of habit to propel you into momentum.
  1. Be very clear and strategic of how you use the first hour or 2 of your day:  Use your peak energy in the morning for your most important tasks.

Where not to focus: Don’t manage your time via your inbox. It’s just an organizing system of other peoples agendas and priorities instead of your own.

Don’t respond to anyone else’s priorities first. Do work. Make progress on your life first.

  1.  Surf the web with intention. Use it as a tool, instead of to randomly browse. If you don’t treat it with respect it can suck away your time. Leverage it to make purposeful movements throughout your day that make you effective.
  1. Use a Time log: track throughout your day everything you do. When you’re aware of exactly how you use your time, you can make quantum leaps of progress and dramatically increase your efficiency.

The way you use your time and how intelligently you use your time, dictates every other outcome in your life. There is no outcome that is not directly affected by how you manage your time.

There are lots of ways to master your time, but if you implement the strategies that work best for you, you’ll dramatically improve your life , you’ll make exponential progress and you’ll accomplish the most wonderful things with your life.

If you have other strategies that are working really well for you, please share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear them.

Wishing you immense success and happiness in everything you do.

With Love and Service

Eliane xx

Entrepreneur, Freedom Strategist, World Traveler, Adventure Seeker, raw foodist, Lover of Humanity, Earnestly Trying to Make the World a Better Place & give my Heart and Soul to my Friends ♥

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In this guide I will share the steps to create a successful online business