Simple things to set up a professional list with minimal expense.


Choose a Domain Name here for your personalized funnel.

(can you make me a Godaddy affiliate link)

Your domain name will be used for your funnel, however it can also be used for your website, blog and store (if in the future you would like to incorporate any of these options)

Ideally choose a domain name that ends in .com  It can be your name, your favorite words or anything that’s easy to remember.

Your domain name shouldn’t cost more than $10.- to $20.-


Create a free Autoresponder Account here. This lets you add your first 500 subscribers for free.


Purchase ecological hosting here.

To host your funnel. The same hosting can also be used for your website, blog or store.  This hosting provider is one of the largest in the World, it’s 130% wind powered, very reliable, super fast and has 24/7 live chat support from experts any hour of the day.  We have been using them since 14 years and only had the best experiences.


Connect your Domain name with your hosting and upload Once you have connected them, you can integrate your autoresponder. We are happy to connect this for you at no cost.


Once you have everything connected customize your funnel with your optin page, bridge video, business page and sign up link.


Add a welcome letter to your Autoresponder and your first series of automated follow up letters. We have templates you can use and edit and modify in any way you like.


Optimize all your bios on social media, websites and your online presence and link to your funnel.

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